Disney Font

Disney Font

If you are looking for the Disney font name used for the Walt Disney Company logo, you’ve hit the right note. In this article, you’ll find a selection of the best Disney fonts to download and include in your designs.

Disney has become a model for the art of turning dreams into reality, a symbol of creativity and imagination. It’s an artistic and original brand, completely recognizable even if we only see the stylistic Tittle for the “i” or the initial letter “W”. It has its own inimitable style, just like the writing of its creator.

What is the Disney Font Called?

In fact, there is no official Disney font name that is affiliated with or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company. Many believe that “Waltograph” is the original font of Walt Disney, but unfortunately, this is not true.

While it’s hard to tell what Disney’s autograph looked like (there were plenty of people authorized to sign his name), the logo we recognize from Disney didn’t actually exist until long after his death, debuting in 1984.

It’s basically a simplified version of his signature, but it’s not an exact copy.

List of Similar Disney Fonts

Today, we thought we were going to share our favorite fonts that are based on the Walt Disney font and that you can use for Cricut designs or any other projects.

1. Waltograph


Waltograph Typeface is the safest bet if you want to enjoy a classic Disney font, which features the trademark “Walt Disney” style. It’s also similar to what you see at Walt Disney World (not Disneyland) when you walk in and it’s the font you see above the Disney Castle just before the movie starts.

Waltograph was designed by Justin Callaghan based on various Disney logos, signage, and hand-lettered artwork. There are several versions in circulation, some under their original name “Walt Disney Script”. The typeface is divided into two styles: the normal Waltograph 42 (OpenType) and the bold Waltograph UI (TrueType), which is designed for increased legibility at small sizes and on computer screens.

Waltograph is under a Non-commercial license, which means you can copy, distribute, and display the work, but you must not use the work for commercial purposes.

2. New Waltograph

New Walt Disney

This is a new version of the Waltograph font. Its name is “New Walt Disney Font”, designed by Dan B. Lyons. It was inspired by the original font used in the new version of the Walt Disney Pictures animated logo. It comes with a wide range of glyphs that came with the aforementioned as well as the polished curves that made it stand out. If you’re looking for something closer to the Disney font for your next project, give this a try.

This font is free for all uses.

3. Dan’s Disney

Dans Disney

Dan’s Disney is another useful and cool typeface you can use. It was designed by Dan B. Lyons, it is a combination of POE Foo and Waltograph. The font comes in two styles including a lot of glyphs.

This font is free for personal and commercial purposes.

4. Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Winter Is Coming by Andi Moz. It features a fun handwritten style similar to Disney font. This font includes a full set of beautiful uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and a variety of punctuation and ligatures. Also supports multilingual characters.

This font is free for personal use only. For commercial use, you need to buy a license from here: CreativeFabrica

We hope this helps, but please let us know if you need anything else or If you have feedback on this topic, we’d love to hear it.

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