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What Font does Bluey Use?

Bluey, an endearing animated series chronicling the escapades of a family of blue heeler-dogs, stands as a cherished delight for children. Produced collaboratively by BBC and Disney Australia, this acclaimed show has garnered numerous accolades, earning acclaim for its wit, inventiveness, and heartening messages. A defining element of this series is its logo, distinguished by a custom font that mirrors a handwritten style. But what is the font used in the Bluey logo? And how can you find a similar font for your projects?

The Bluey Logo Font

Bluey Font

The Bluey Font used in the logo is crafted exclusively for the show. Although not publicly available, there is a similar font called ‘Heyam,’ a fan-inspired creation by FG Studios that draws inspiration from the show’s ambiance. Notably, ‘Heyam’ mimics the rounded, hand-drawn allure of the Bluey lettering but with its distinct nuances.

Both the Bluey logo font and ‘Heyam’ share charming attributes, flaunting lively, bouncing letterforms and playful intricacies. However, discerning eyes can catch subtle deviations. The Bluey font displays a broader stance, accentuated curves, and a more relaxed demeanor, radiating a carefree spirit that harmonizes seamlessly with the show’s adventurous themes.

The Bluey Font Free Download License

If you’re interested in using the Heyam font for your projects, it’s available for free download. It’s important to note that this font isn’t an official one; it’s a fan-made creation resembling the logo. As such, it’s best not to use it for any commercial purposes.


In conclusion, the Bluey Letter Font serves as an exceptional choice for admirers of the series or individuals seeking to infuse their designs with charisma and individuality. Its versatility extends across diverse mediums like logos, posters, invitations, cards, stickers, apparel, and mugs, offering a personalized touch. Whether crafted through tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Sketch, or similar design applications, users can explore an array of color schemes and sizes to create captivating designs.