Ninjago Font

Ninjago Font

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What is the Ninjago Logo Font?

The Ninjago franchise, encompassing a popular Lego-themed series and movies, follows the adventures of six teenage ninjas defending the world from nefarious forces. An integral part of its identity is the unique logo, employing a stylized font to evoke a sense of excitement and enigma. But what is the name of this font and who created it?

The Lego Ninjago Font

Ninjago Logo Font

The font used in the Ninjago logo is a custom creation; and isn’t based on any readily available font. However, there’s a similar font named ‘Ninjago,’ fashioned by Franco Fernandez of FreakyFonts. FreakyFonts specializes in crafting fonts inspired by various media like movies, games, and cartoons. Introduced in 2017.

Ninjago is a display font, limited to uppercase letters and numbers. Its design bears a bold and angular aesthetic, reminiscent of ninja weaponry and Lego bricks. Additionally, the font incorporates decorative elements like spikes, curves, and dots, imparting character and liveliness to the letterforms.

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Ninjago Font Download & License

The Ninjago font can be freely downloaded for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed.