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Chanel Font

Chanel Font
Chanel Font

What is the Chanel font?

The Chanel Font (brand logo) is definitely a “logotype” designed for them. The closest font I have ever seen is “Couture” by Chase Babb, which is based on the Chanel logo but is not available for commercial use.

Chanel font or Couture font includes only uppercase letters, numbers, Chanel symbol.

Introduction to Chanel

CHANEL is a brand founded by Gabrielle Chanel in Paris, France in 1913. It has a history of one hundred years. Chanel fashion will always have an elegant, concise, and exquisite style. She is good at breaking through the tradition. As early as the 1940s, she successfully pushed the “five-tied” women’s clothing to simple and comfortable. This may be the earliest modern casual wear. Chanel has a wide range of products, including clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, and perfume. Each product is well-known, especially her perfume and fashion.

Chanel glasses have also inherited the consistent tradition of the Chanel brand. The elaborate design of Chanel glasses styles can be clearly seen from the details, innovative technology, and excellent lines and outlines. In addition to the elegant logo, the glasses themselves are also distinguished by The sharp outline, avant-garde design, and colors that attract the public’s attention. Each Chanel spectacle frame or sunglasses is clearly decorated with the Chanel logo, which always shows the world the taste and identity of the wearer.

Extended information

The love legend of Chanel:

On both sides of the road on Regent Street, the busiest commercial street in Europe, the surface of tall copper lampposts has been painted with rust-proof black paint year after year, making the street lights on the streets of central London always look very historical. At the base of the lamp post, gold paint is used as the color, and black paint is the base, engraved with the same logo as the high-end luxury brand “Chanel”. This is not the “crash” of London municipal design and the design of French luxury goods companies, but the authentic “Chanel” logo recognized by both countries.

Many British people believe that the street lights in London are engraved with “Chanel”, which originated from the French luxury brand founder of the same name who had an exotic relationship with one of the owners of the City of London, the Duke of Westminster. In 1925, at a social gathering in Monte Carlo, Chanel met the then Duke of Westminster — Hugh Richard Arthur Grosswinner.

The duke fell in love with the female designer from France at first sight. The two maintained a lover relationship for five or six years. Chanel finally rejected the duke’s proposal, but the world did not know what the reason was.

The British Duke, who has never forgotten Chanel, decided to engrave the “Chanel” brand logo on street lampposts in central London in the future. At the same time, next to this mark, a capital W is engraved to represent the Duke of Westminster Family. The reason for this is because the infatuated duke wants to tell future generations that “there will be many generations of the Duke of Westminster in the future, but there will only be one Chanel.”

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