Bebas Font

Bebas Font

About Bebas Font

Bebas Font belongs to the sans-serif family by Ryoichi Tsunekawa in 2005. Bebas is a free font for the purpose of training and application on typography design and to get feedback from the world. Although Bebas has crazy spacing, awkward curves, and only has uppercase letters, many people still use this font. Bebas was redesigned to a new version “Bebas Neue” which consists of five categories: Thin, Light, Book, Regular, and Bold.

Bebas Font

Bebas Usage

Using Bebas as a title in the main time is sure to grab the attention of many viewers. It contains only capital letters and it has a good uniform look. Even though It comes only in a single style “Bebas Regular”. This typeface has a futuristic aesthetic and a faithful source for designs and the creation of various announcements, pieces, and texts. Great for movie posters, headlines, caps, subtitles, logo designs, and large banners, magazines, brochures, packaging, web designs for classic and display prints.

It will work best for formal headlines. Bebas aesthetics are futuristic and you can use them in campaign offerings related to technology. It blends well with other sources such as “Montserrat“. You can use Bebas font for free even for commercial purposes.

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Free for personal and commercial use.

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