Animal Crossing Font

Animal Crossing Font: New Horizons

Unveiling the Animal Crossing Fonts

Animal Crossing is a game series developed and published by Nintendo, where players can create their own characters and live in a virtual village with anthropomorphic animals. The game series is known for its charming graphics, relaxing gameplay, and distinctive typography. In this article, we will explore the different fonts used in the Animal Crossing games, from the logo to the dialogue, and how they contribute to the game’s aesthetic and identity.

1. The Animal Crossing Logo Font

The most recognizable Animal Crossing font used in the game’s logo is Rat Fink Heavy. This font, a part of House Industries’ Rat Fink collection, echoes the hand lettering of the iconic Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. With its robust strokes, playful rounded corners, and energetic bounce to the letters, this Animal Crossing font is emblematic of the game’s whimsical spirit. Alongside this font, the game logo is enhanced by a 3D touch, paired with a wooden backdrop and clock, tying the whole design together.

Fink Heavy is available for those wishing to purchase here, but there’s also a free font called ‘Qlarendon Bold‘ for personal use that captures the essence of the Animal Crossing logo.

2. The Animal Crossing New Horizons Font

The Animal Crossing font for the ‘New Horizons’ tag is called Ministry Medium. Crafted by Device, this sans-serif font echoes the game’s aesthetic charm.

For enthusiasts seeking this font, Ministry is available for purchase here. However, if a similar vibe is sought without cost, Manrope Bold serves as a free alternative, catering to commercial use.

3. The Animal Crossing Dialogue Font

In the realm of Animal Crossing’s dialogue text, the font of choice is Rodin Wanpaku EB, a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Fontworks. Accessible for free download for personal use only.

4. The Animal Crossing Text Font

Seurat B, the font adorning the in-game text of Animal Crossing, graces dialogues, UI elements, and the endearing characters’ names. Its clean lines and consistent strokes capture the game’s simplistic yet immersive essence flawlessly.

This font is available for free download, exclusively for personal use.


To sum it up, the Animal Crossing font choices aren’t mere design decisions. They are an integral part of the game’s identity. They not only communicate text but also set the mood, ambiance, and ethos of the game world. By exploring the depth and design of the Animal Crossing font spectrum, fans, and designers alike can appreciate the intricate thought and artistry that Nintendo has poured into this beloved series.

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