Undertale Font

Undertale Font

What Font does Undertale Use?

Undertale is a popular role-playing video game developed and published by indie developer Toby Fox in 2015. The game has a distinctive retro and pixelated style, which is reflected in the fonts used throughout the game. In this article, we will explore some of the Undertale fonts used for the logo, dialogue texts, interfaces, and more.

Undertale Logo Font

The Undertale font used in the logo is custom-made by the game designers. However, a similar font has been skillfully created as “Frisky” by Fontswan. This impressive pixelated font faithfully captures the essence of the captivating text found within the Undertale logo. The designer meticulously tracked the existing characters and skillfully devised the remaining ones, ensuring that every detail of the Undertale logo font was preserved.

Despite minor imperfections inherent in any recreation, the Frisky font offers a comprehensive assortment of essential letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, perfectly suited for those seeking to emulate the Undertale aesthetic in their projects. Its nostalgic charm and pixelated design make it a favorite choice among fans of the game.

The Frisky font, inspired by the Undertale logo font, can be downloaded and used for personal projects. However, it’s crucial to review the licensing terms associated with the font to ensure proper usage and adherence to any restrictions. By respecting the font’s licensing, fans can continue to enjoy and incorporate the Undertale font into their creations, keeping the spirit of the game alive in their designs.

Undertale Dialogue Font: 8-Bit Operator JVE

Undertale Font

The Undertale font used for narration, overworld dialogue, and as the primary interface typeface is called “8-Bit Operator JVE.” Created by Jayvee Enaguas, 8-bit Operator JVE exudes a nostalgic 8-bit aesthetic that perfectly complements Undertale’s retro-inspired graphics.

The best part? It’s free for commercial use, allowing fans and game developers to incorporate it into their projects seamlessly.

Undertale “Game Over” Font: 8-Bit Wonder

Undertale Font

Another Undertale font that stands out in the game is 8 Bit Wonder. Designed by Joiro Hatgaya, this font is utilized in the Game Over screen and for the “HP” and “KR” text beside the player’s health bar on the battle interface. Its playful yet pixelated style adds a touch of whimsy to the game, capturing the essence of Undertale’s charm.

Like 8 Bit Operator JVE, 8 Bit Wonder is also free for commercial use, making it accessible to enthusiasts and designers alike.

Undertale Damage Font: Hachicro

Undertale Font

Hachicro is the font used to display the damage numbers in the battle interface. Designed by Masachika Yamasaki (Flucky Frog), this pixelated monospaced font showcases numbers and the word “MISS” when players hit or attempt to hit an Undertale character in battle. Hachicro’s distinctive appearance enhances the impact of each attack, immersing players in the game’s intense battles.

Hachicro is free for commercial use.

The Overworld Interface Font: Crypt of Tomorrow

Undertale Font

The font used for the overworld interface is “Crypt of Tomorrow.” Designed by Anna Anthropy (Auntie Pixelante), this Undertale font has a futuristic and sleek appearance, reflecting the game’s fantastical world. Crypt of Tomorrow’s clean lines and unique style make it an ideal choice for conveying information to players.

Like the previous fonts, Crypt of Tomorrow is available for commercial use, providing developers with a versatile tool for their creations.

Undertale Speech Bubbles Font: DotumChe Pixel

Undertale Battle Font

DotumChe Pixel is based on the “DotumChe,” a Korean font bundled with Microsoft Windows and produced by HanYang. DotumChe Pixel is similar to the font used for speech bubbles during the battle and a few other instances in Undertale. This font has been modified into a bitmap type to align with Undertale’s pixel art aesthetic. Its inclusion demonstrates the attention to detail that sets Undertale apart, creating a seamless and immersive experience for players.

Undertale Character Fonts

One of the most remarkable aspects of Undertale is how each character has their font, perfectly reflecting their unique personality and mood. Let’s explore some notable examples:

Undertale Papyrus Font

Undertale Papyrus Font

Papyrus, the charismatic skeleton with a penchant for puzzles and grandiosity, is accompanied by an ancient and elegant font that suits his proud and ambitious nature. This font, inspired by the type of paper made from reeds, captures Papyrus’s essence and adds a layer of authenticity to his character.

Undertale Sans Font

Undertale Sans Font

This is the font used when Sans the sansational skeleton talks! Sans, the laid-back and humorous skeleton who loves making jokes, is represented by the casual and playful Comic Sans font. This font perfectly aligns with Sans’s personality, enhancing the comedic moments in the game. Interestingly, Comic Sans is also one of the most polarizing fonts on the internet, which only reinforces Sans’s mischievous and trollish nature.

Undertale Gaster Font

Undertale Gaster Font

In a hidden room and associated with the enigmatic character W.D. Gaster, the Wingdings font takes center stage. Wingdings, derived from symbolic fonts like Webdings and Aster, contribute to Gaster’s cryptic and incomprehensible way of speaking. This font choice adds to the air of mystery surrounding Gaster, leaving players to decipher the secrets hidden within his words.

Please be aware that in the Undertale version of Wingdings, the symbols for apostrophes and quotation mark characters are different from those in regular Wingdings.

Other Undertale Fonts

Undertale’s impact extends beyond its original release, inspiring a passionate community of fans and creators. This has resulted in personalized and fan-created fonts that further enrich the Undertale experience:

MERCY Regular

MERCY Regular is a font reminiscent of the battle buttons found at the bottom of the battle screen, such as Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy. Designed by MaxiGamer, this font includes special characters like the Double Sans (@), the Mercy icon (&), the Fight icon (#), the Act icon ($), and the Item icon (%). It allows fans to personalize their Undertale-inspired projects while staying true to the game’s aesthetic.

Monster Friend (Fore and Back)

For those looking to recreate the perfect Undertale logo, Harry Wakamatsu’s Monster Friend Fore and Back fonts offer the perfect solution. These layered fonts, designed in 2015, closely resemble the font used in the Undertale logo. With precise layering, fans can replicate the iconic logo and add their creative touches to Undertale-inspired projects.

Download Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/100106185/Monster-Friend-2


Undertale’s clever use of fonts is an essential element that contributes to its unique charm and immersive storytelling. The careful selection and design of each font ensure that players are fully immersed in the game’s world, enabling them to connect with the characters and the narrative on a deeper level.

If we missed any notable Undertale fonts in our exploration, we apologize and invite you to share your insights and additions using the contact page.