League of Legends Font

League of Legends Font

What is the League of Legends Font Used?

League of Legends (LoL) is a popular multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Riot Games. The game has a distinctive visual identity that includes its logo, typography, color scheme, and graphics. In this article, we will focus on the fonts used for the logo and in-game as of 2019.

The League of Legends Logo Font

League of Legends Logo Font

The League of Legends font used in the current logo isn’t a standard font; it’s specially designed. However, there’s a similar font called ‘League‘ that you can use for free, both personally and commercially.

The previous version of the League of Legends logo font is based on ‘Friz Quadrata,’ a serif font created by Ernst Friz and Victor Caruso in 1973.

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The League of Legends Main Fonts

→ Beaufort For LoL

League of Legends Text Font

The original font used for headlines and displays in the League of Legends game was Friz Quadrata. However, the game and its designers later switched to ‘Beaufort For LoL,’ another font style inspired by inscriptions. Crafted by Nick Shinn, published by Shinn Type Foundry, and customized and extended for Riot Games by Monotype Imaging, Inc.

Beaufort was chosen as a replacement likely due to its wider range of weight options and less distracting features compared to Friz Quadrata. This makes it more versatile for different uses.

Now, Beaufort serves as the main font for everything in the LoL experience. You’ll see it in the game’s interface, menus, buttons, and textual elements. It also graces the headlines, titles, and subheadings on various League of Legends websites. Beaufort comes in five different weights, from light to heavy, each with its corresponding italic version.

→ Spiegle

League of Legends Text Font

The League of Legends game and websites rely on ‘Spiegel‘ for most of their text. From paragraphs to captions, labels to navigation, this font gets used everywhere! Designed by Lucas de Groot in 1999, Spiegel draws inspiration from classic American fonts like News Gothic, but with a more human touch.

Think of it as a friendly face compared to the bolder, custom-made “Beaufort” used for headings. While Beaufort grabs attention, Spiegel works behind the scenes, making sure information is delivered clearly and easily.


League of Legends nailed their 2019 rebrand with fonts that perfectly match the game’s vibe. They’re easy to read, work everywhere, and strike a cool balance between old-school and modern, fancy and practical. These fonts are like the secret sauce of the game’s look and feel!