Stardew Valley Font

Stardew Valley Font

Are you in pursuit of a Stardew Valley font akin to that utilized in Stardew Valley’s dialogue, logo, or in-game text? You have arrived at the ideal destination. This article showcases a curated selection of the most exceptional fan-created Stardew Valley fonts, accessible for download and incorporation into your designs.

Please be aware that although these Stardew Valley fonts are obtainable at no cost, it is inadvisable to employ them for commercial endeavors. Instead, we encourage you to contact ConcernedApe to inquire about potential licensing agreements.

Stardew Valley Font in In-game Text and Dialogue

Stardew Valley Font Text

One of the key elements that define Stardew Valley’s charming aesthetic is its font, which adds character to the in-game text and dialogue. A font closely resembling the one used in the game is called “StardewValley” by Cowsplay. This fan-created font comprises both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, accessible via the plus, equal, >, and @ keys.

Stardew Valley Font Logo

The Stardew Valley logo captivates players with its unique design and font, setting the tone for the game’s whimsical world. A fan-made Stardew Valley font similar to the one used in the logo is “Stardew Valley ALL CAPS” by Eliot Truelove. This Stardew Valley font is inspired by the title screen of the video game and closely follows the original design.

The capital letters S-T-A-R-D-E-W-V-L-Y are modeled after the game’s title, while the other uppercase and lowercase letters are designed by the author in the same style. Additionally, this Stardew Valley font incorporates symbols from the game, such as the star drop symbol, represented by an asterisk (*), and the coin/gold icon, symbolized by the dot-accent (˙) for use above foreign letters.

To enhance your Stardew Valley-inspired designs, consider using the “Stardew Valley ALL CAPS” font. The lowercase characters in this font are derived from the capitals in the “Stardew Valley Regular” font. The S and W characters in this font have leaves that match the title screen letters. However, the V and Y characters have different leaf designs to ensure that the side-hanging leaves don’t interfere with the adjacent letters. Mixing and matching the uppercase and lowercase characters in this font is highly recommended to create visually appealing designs.

What is Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley, a widely celebrated farming simulation role-playing video game, was meticulously crafted by Eric Barone, operating under the pseudonym ConcernedApe. Initially launched for Windows in February 2016, the game has since been adapted for various platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Set in the quaint locale of Stardew Valley, players assume the role of a character who inherits their grandfather’s deteriorating farmstead. The objective revolves around revitalizing the farm while simultaneously engaging in diverse activities and fostering connections with the local townspeople.


At the outset, players are equipped with rudimentary tools and a modest assortment of seeds. Progressing through the game enables players to enlarge their farm, enhance their tools, and unlock new game areas. Core activities encompass crop cultivation, livestock rearing, fishing, cooking, mining, and foraging. Each season presents distinct crops, each with a unique growth period and market value. Additionally, players can raise various animals, such as chickens, cows, and sheep, which generate products that can be sold or utilized in crafting other items.

Stardew Valley’s gameplay is notably open-ended, granting players the autonomy to pursue individual objectives and partake in activities at their preferred pace. Beyond farming, players can immerse themselves in social pursuits, including interactions with townspeople and nurturing relationships. The option to marry and raise children further expands gameplay possibilities, introducing activities like teaching offspring to fish or assisting with school projects.

The game also features an array of festivals and events occurring throughout the year, offering players opportunities to acquire special items and encounter new characters. Stardew Valley’s pixel art graphics, tranquil music, and endearing characters have received widespread praise from both players and critics.

Eric Barone single-handedly developed the game over an arduous four-and-a-half-year period, drawing inspiration from the beloved Harvest Moon series that shaped his childhood gaming experiences. Barone aimed to recreate that nostalgic ambiance with his own unique alterations and enhancements. The game’s soundtrack, also composed by Barone, has been lauded for its soothing and invigorating qualities.

Stardew Valley’s immense commercial success boasts over 20 million copies sold as of 2022. Its popularity has spawned numerous mods, enriching the game with fresh features and content. Furthermore, the game has inspired a new generation of indie game developers to craft their own distinctive farming simulation experiences.


Whether you’re designing a Stardew Valley-themed invitation, or poster, or simply adding a touch of the game’s magic to your projects, these fan-made fonts can help you achieve the desired effect. Remember, these fonts are intended for non-commercial use, and you should contact ConcernedApe for any commercial licensing inquiries.

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