Kaushan Script Font

Kaushan Script Font

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Kaushan Script Font
Kaushan script font pairing

The Art of Calligraphy: Introducing the Kaushan Script Font

The world of typography is constantly evolving, with new and innovative font designs emerging every day. Among these is the Kaushan Script Font, a hand-drawn calligraphic script that exudes energy and natural charm.

A Masterpiece of Brush Lettering

Designed by Pablo Impallari, Kaushan Script is a testament to the art of brush lettering. Unlike many other script fonts, which are often refined to the point of typographic perfection, the Kaushan Script Font remains true to its natural origins. The angles of its vertical strokes vary slightly, giving the font a rustic feel, while its position along the high baseline adds to its energy.

Easy on the Eyes, Even Online

One of the biggest challenges with script fonts is that they often become difficult to read when used in smaller sizes, such as on the web. Pablo Impallari has taken this into consideration and has enhanced the Kaushan Script Font to ensure that it remains easy to read, even at just 16 pixels. The font comes in a single weight (Kaushan Script Regular) and includes over 414 glyphs, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and accents.

Kaushan Script Font Pairing

The elegant and fluid script style of Kaushan Script can enhance the visual appeal of other typefaces when paired together. Consider these typeface combinations:

Open to All

The Kaushan Script Font is licensed under the Open Font License, making it available for use in both commercial and non-commercial products and projects, whether in print or digital format.

Get Involved

For those who are interested in contributing to the Kaushan Script Font project, Pablo Impallari can be reached at impallari@gmail.com.

In conclusion, the Kaushan Script Font is a true masterpiece of calligraphic art and a testament to the natural beauty of brush lettering. Whether used in print or digital formats, this font is sure to add character and energy to any project.