Kaushan Script Font

Kaushan Script Font

About Kaushan Script Font

Kaushan Script Font is a calligraphic hand-drawn script That seems to be written quickly with an ink brush. It carries a lot of energy, designed by Pablo Impallari. It has no refinement because the more you refine the letter shapes when making typefaces, the more energy you consume from them. By avoiding typographic perfection, it remains more natural. The angles of the vertical strokes vary slightly, and the position is along the high baseline, giving it a rustic and natural feel. Perfectly imitates the brush lettering work.

Kaushan Script Font

Most script fonts have long ascended and descended lines, which means that they appear very small when used at regular sizes on the web. This font has been enhanced in such detail to be easy to read as a web font, even when used at only 16 pixels. It comes in a single weight (Kaushan Script Regular) with over 414 glyphs, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Kaushan Script Font

Kaushan Script Font can make a suitable pairing with geometric or humanist sans-serif typefaces like “Lato” for cool impact and visuality.

For titles, signage, fleet identification, uniforms, and any other (short) text that deserves to be highlighted, the source to be used is the Kaushan Script.
For institutional documents and blocks of text, the Lato typeface should be used thanks to its good readability.

Free for personal and commercial use.
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