Cheri Font

Cheri Font

License: Free for personal use

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Cheri Font with Cartoon-like Characters

It doesn’t matter what season we use the Cheri font in, be it summer, winter, or spring. If you like this cartoonish typeface that has been on the screen for so long, which makes both children and parents fall in love with each other, here you can download its typography and use it on your computer or print it.

The Cheri typeface is a lovely comic type designed by Fontalicious. It has a unique personality that you can enjoy writing with. We love fonts, so we have featured these fonts so that you can use them on your desktop computer, whether in Word, Excel, or Photoshop. The typeface comes with the Cheri liney font (Outlined) style as shown in the preview.

You can also check the text you want online at any of the sites available on Google, in case you want to know what the expression looks like before or after downloading the Cheri font. This is very useful if you are thinking of designing something and you have to decide between 5 letters like Cheri to get an idea of what it would look like without having to download it.

Note from the author
Tonight, I was sitting aside writing a love letter to my first fan, Jessica Alba, and I said to myself: “Hey, kids need fonts for Valentine’s Day! That Kinkie font is too old Now.” So I sat down in front of the good old Kubot and started to jazz this little XX with my fingers.

I think you will find it interesting enough because you wrote those sweet words to the shy fool sitting in the back row of advanced calculus. Because I am a person who never fails to say anything, I decided to continue to make some Valentine’s Day cards for you and give them to the old rap. When you reach third base on your first date after giving him a Valentine’s Day gift, don’t forget who arranged it for you.

How to use this Cheri Typeface

There are many possibilities for the use of this type of lettering… For example, invitation cards, cupcake toppers, party designs, birthday presentations, water bottle labels, wrappers, stickers, party signs, wedding cards, and much more. For designers, the Cheri font is a good alternative if you are working with a dark background. However, as already mentioned, this font is free for personal use but not for commercial use. If you are going to sell products using this typeface, you have to contact the creator, or you can buy it from their shop >>HERE<<

Download the Cheri font for free, so that you and your family can make use of it. Have fun!

4.4 19
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