Brawl Stars Font

Brawl Stars Font

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If you are in pursuit of the Brawl Stars font utilized in the logo and within the in-game text or interface of the popular mobile game, Brawl Stars, you have come to the right place. Not only can we provide you with the font name, but we also have the resources at your disposal to assist you in obtaining these typography elements for use in your own personal or professional projects.

The Brawl Stars font used in the logo is known as “Nougat,” which has been augmented with several three-dimensional effects to enhance its visual appeal. Nougat is a retro-style font that is characterized by its distinctive display serifs, which lend it a unique aesthetic quality. The font was created by designer Dieter Steffmann, who drew inspiration from the Dynamo typeface, an iconic design that was originally developed by Ludwig & Mayer in the 1930s, and later revived by K. Sommer. With its vintage aesthetic and stylized glyphs, Nougat perfectly captures the spirit of the Brawl Stars logo and adds a touch of nostalgia to the overall design.

What is the Brawl Stars Font Used for the Interface and In-Game Items?

The font utilized in the graphical user interface and throughout gameplay in the popular mobile game, Brawl Stars is known as “Lilita One.” This particular typeface was designed by Juan Montoreano, an Argentinean photographer, graphic design student, and typography instructor at the University of Buenos Aires. Lilita One boasts a robust and distinctive appearance and features a condensed architectural structure and a variety of visually striking nuances, lending a personalized and amiable aesthetic to any design it is incorporated into.

About Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a dynamic and exciting multiplayer arena fighting game developed and published by the renowned mobile game developer, Supercell. The game offers players a plethora of characters, known as Brawlers, each with their own distinct abilities and statistics. Examples of Brawlers include Shelly, a balanced character with moderate health and damage, Nita, a bear with a close-range attack and a supportive ability to summon her bear, and Colt, a ranged Brawler with high damage and a rapid rate of fire.


The game features an array of engaging game modes, including Gem Grab, where teams of three compete to collect and hold onto 10 gems the longest, Showdown, a battle royale mode, Heist, where two teams of three attempt to break into the opposing team’s safe while protecting their own, Bounty, where players collect stars for their team by eliminating opponents, and Brawl Ball, a new game mode where players score goals with a ball.

Players can earn in-game currency by participating in matches, which can be used to purchase new Brawlers, power-ups, and cosmetic items. Additionally, players can earn Trophies by winning matches and climbing the ranks on the leaderboard, providing ample replay value to the game. The game’s aesthetic features bold and colorful typography, with a cartoonish style that complements the overall aesthetic of the game. The game’s logo prominently features the letter “B” in a stylized, bold font, with the rest of the text in a simpler, rounded font.

Brawl Stars is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. As for the net worth of Brawl Stars, Supercell, the developer of the game, is a highly successful mobile game developer, and Brawl Stars is one of their most popular games. In 2020, the company was estimated to be worth around $10.2 billion, and it is likely that a significant portion of that value is derived from the success of Brawl Stars. However, it should be noted that Supercell has other successful games, such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, and it’s challenging to determine the specific net worth of a single game.

Brawl Stars Usages Ideas

The Brawl Stars font, with its distinct and bold lettering, presents a plethora of opportunities for creative utilization. One such opportunity includes the design of visually striking posters or flyers to advertise and promote tournaments and events centered around the popular mobile game. The font also can be employed in the creation of custom merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, or phone cases, that boasts a unique and cohesive aesthetic.

Furthermore, the Brawl Stars font can elevate the production value of videos or live streams related to Brawl Stars by providing consistent and recognizable branding. Additionally, the font can be used to create an iconic and memorable logo or branding for a clan or team within the game. Another opportunity is to incorporate the font in the design of a website or social media account, dedicated to Brawl Stars, to create a cohesive and immersive visual experience.

Also, the Brawl Stars font can be utilized to create custom in-game usernames or signatures, further personalizing the gaming experience. Furthermore, the font can be used to create custom designs on the in-game skins to give them a unique and personalized look.

Brawl Stars Font License

The font styles “Nougat,” and “Lilita One” are both available for free utilization, both individually and in a professional capacity.

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