Cookie Run Font

Cookie Run Font

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If you are in search of the Cookie Run font that exudes the captivating aesthetic of the renowned game series “Cookie Run: Kingdom,” to infuse into your personal designs or printed materials, we have diligently scoured the internet to locate the font that the game developers have employed in the logo and in-game interface of Cookie Run. Our extensive research has led us to uncover the very font that will seamlessly complement your creative endeavors, imbuing them with the charming and alluring essence of the Cookie Run universe.

The Cookie Run font used is known as the “CookieRun Typeface,” which is employed with great panache in the logo and in-game text of the beloved mobile game, Cookie Run. This bespoke font was crafted specifically for the game, imbued with the distinctive character and charm of the titular cookie-based characters. Adorned with playful flourishes and imbued with a sense of dynamic energy, the CookieRun Typeface perfectly captures the spirit of these endearing, intrepid confections as they embark on a journey of thrilling challenges and exciting adventures.

The Cookie Run font, designed by Devsisters Corp, is a distinctive humanist sans-serif typeface that exudes a playful and exuberant character through its letterforms. This typeface is specifically tailored to the unique identity of the popular game, Cookie Run, with its charming and whimsical cookies as its primary design inspiration. The font boasts a bold and rounded aesthetic, lending a sense of playful elegance to any text it is applied to.

The Cookie Run font family is comprised of three weight variations – Regular, Bold, and Black – each of which offers a different level of emphasis and visual impact. The font is compatible with both the Latin alphabet and Korean, making it versatile and widely applicable in various forms of communication such as in games, characters, and advertisements.

It also includes a comprehensive set of 11,172 Korean characters, 338 Roman characters, numbers, Dingbats, and 986 symbols, making it a robust and comprehensive typeface. Whether viewed in large format or in small sizes, the Cookie Run font is an ideal choice for those looking to infuse their text with a dose of fun and personality.

Characteristics of the Latin Characters

The slope of the caps, or the incline of the letters, in the Cookie Run font boasts a distinct design with intricate details that imbue the typography with a sense of individuality and flow. The capital letter R, in particular, accentuates the identity of Cookie Run, as it features a bold Non-Serif omission and counter designs that exude a charming and whimsical aesthetic, reminiscent of the cuteness associated with cookies.

The font is constructed on the foundation of a visual single-width stroke, or MonolineStroke, which lends a sense of simplicity and visual consistency. Additionally, the stroke ends are treated with semi-rounded processing, which contributes to the font’s unique personality and overall aesthetic of Cookie Run.

Characteristics of the Korean Characters

The vertical grouping of the Hangeul Min-Geul characters in the Cookie Run font boasts a striking sense of proportion and inclination, which serves to accentuate the formative characteristics of the cookies and the unique character of the game itself. The characters are crafted in a larger shape than individual characters, with the exception of the ㅇ series, and are classified into groups based on their shape. Each group is then produced as a variable width module to ensure optimal readability.

By aligning the visual centerline with the top of the text line, the font achieves a stable readability that is maintained even when the line of sight moves. Additionally, the sense of rhythm at the bottom of the text line contributes to the unique visual rhythm of the Cookie Run font, further emphasizing the character and personality of the game.

The CookieRun Typeface, designed and developed by DevSisters, is a versatile font that can be utilized for a wide range of commercial purposes, including but not limited to online and offline usage, products, and advertisements. However, it should be noted that there are certain restrictions on the use of the CookieRun Typeface in the game industry (PC/Mobile). Specifically, the embedding, bundling, or redistributing of the CookieRun Typeface in other software is strictly prohibited. Additionally, the creation and use of derivative fonts based on the CookieRun Typeface is also prohibited.

For further information on the usage guidelines and licensing of the CookieRun Typeface, kindly contact DevSisters at The company will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with all the necessary information to ensure that your usage of the CookieRun Typeface is compliant with the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

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