Cookie Run Font

Cookie Run Font

Cookie Run is a very good cartoon parkour series game inspired by The Gingerbread Man, in which players can experience the perfect fun of the classic parkour game world!

Introducing Cookie Run Font, a typeface with the unique identity of Cookie Run, where our cookie friends, who are full of personality and smart, join forces to enjoy challenges and adventures.

Cookie Run Font is a complete humanist sans-serif typeface by Devsisters Corp. The font emphasizes expressive and fun characters that are visualized by its letterforms. The Cookie Run font is a font that has the unique identity of CookieRun, a cute and challenging font, perfect for large viewing and also for reading in a small size. The formative characteristics of cute and unique cookies and the rounded, bold impression were reflected in the font as a design principle.

Cookie Run Font family consists of three weights, Regular, Bold, and Black. The Cookie Run font, which supports the Latin alphabet and Korean, is used throughout communication such as in games, characters, and advertisements. The typeface contains 11,172 Korean characters, 338 Roman characters, numbers, Dingbats, and 986 symbols.

Latin Character Features

The slope that the caps contain, has a distinct design with unique details to the Cookie Run font, which allows you to complement the typography with a sense of personality and rhythm.

The capital letter R emphasizes Cookie Run identity, bold Non-Serif omission, and counter designs are cute and have a design feature that emphasizes the cuteness of cookies.

Based on a visual single-width stroke (MonolineStroke),
Semi-rounded stroke end processing gives simple visual consistency and the unique personality of Cookie Run.

Korean Character Features

The sense of proportion and inclination felt from the touching and single characters of the vertical group emphasized the formative characteristics of cookies and the unique character of the cookie run game running forward.

Hangeul Min-Geul characters are made in a larger shape than single characters (excluding the ㅇ series). Cookie Run Hangul is classified into groups according to the shape of the letters, and it is produced as a variable width module suitable for each group type.

By aligning the visual centerline with the top of the text line, stable readability is secured when the line of sight is moved at the same time, and through the sense of rhythm at the bottom of the text line, the unique visual rhythm of the Cookie Run font can be delivered.

Font License

The Cookie Run font is provided free of charge to all users and can be used freely. However, software embedding, bundling, and redistribution are prohibited only for the game industry.

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