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Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that features a pixelated aesthetic and a blocky design. The game has a distinctive logo and text style that matches its retro and nostalgic feel. In this article, we will explore what fonts Minecraft uses for its logo and in-game text, and how you can create your own Minecraft-inspired text graphics.

The Minecraft Logo Font

The Minecraft font name used in the Minecraft logo was created specifically for the game and is not publicly available for download. However, “MineCrafter” and “Minecraft Evenings” are the most popular, similar pixelated fonts available online that you can download and use for free.


Minecraft Logo Font

MineCrafter was created by MadPixel and is inspired by the main Minecraft font used in the logo. This pixelated font has two styles, a regular version, and an alternative cracked version, in addition to the selection of Minecon characters.

Minecraft font is free to download and use for personal projects only.
For commercial uses, please contact the owner at: ashphillips12@gmail.com

Minecraft Evenings

Minecraft Evenings

Minecraft Evenings is an eroded font that was designed by Chequered Ink, it is also influenced by the game’s logo. There are only capital letters presented in this typeface, plus numbers and a few punctuation marks, which you can easily use within your own Minecraft font style.

This font is free for personal and commercial use.

The Minecraft Text Font

The font used in the game’s interface, such as the chat, the crafting, and the inventory, is also a bespoke pixelated font that is not available for public use. However, a font that closely resembles the Minecraft in-game font is called “Minecraftia,” a typeface inspired by the game’s original pixelated font. Crafted by Andrew Tyler, Minecraftia mirrors the pixelated style prominently visible in chat, crafting, and inventory interfaces. For optimal display, it’s advised to employ this font at 12 or 24 pixels without anti-aliasing, enhancing its visual impact.


Minecraft Text Font, Minecraft Chat Font

Feel free to use this font for personal projects without any cost. However, we advise against purchasing Mancraftia or utilizing it for commercial purposes, as it is simply a replica of the original font.

The Minecraft Enchantment Table Font

The Minecraft enchanting table font featured in the game is known as the “Standard Galactic Alphabet,” initially crafted for the Commander Keen video game series. If you’re seeking to translate regular text into this unique font, several online tools offer conversion services. Alternatively, for graphic design purposes, consider acquiring the Enchantment Proper font, tailor-made for crafting captivating visual elements.

Minecraft Enchantment Table Font

This font is free for personal and commercial use.

Bonus Minecraft Font

For Minecraft fans here is a font by Heartfly that may be useful. The first version is not complete but this version includes all the essential elements including objects and other game material as well as a CREEPER symbol for fun! The file includes two versions (Most items appear if you type in uppercase and only some are in lowercase).

Minecraft Dingbats

Minecraft Icons

This font is free for personal and commercial purposes.

Crafting Minecraft-style 3D Text

Unveil the potential of Minecraft-style typography with the TextCraft font generator. This innovative tool empowers users to customize text using in-game block designs, effortlessly capturing the essence of Minecraft. The best part? TextCraft is a free, hassle-free platform that requires no registration.

Embark on your Minecraft text adventure by visiting TextCraft.net. Enter your desired text and explore options to modify colors, sizes, and brick textures. With a simple click of the “Create” button, your personalized creation will be ready for download, adding a touch of Minecraft flair to your projects.

Let’s finish this up

In summary, the fonts we have provided can be used to recreate Minecraft-style typography. While none of them may be identical to the original logo, which has a 3D pattern that can be created using software such as Photoshop or Illustrator, they can still provide a similar look.

In order to make a well-informed choice, we suggest downloading and installing these fonts to evaluate them personally. This will allow you to select the best option for your specific needs.

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