American Horror Story Font

American Horror Story Font

American Horror Story Font
American Horror Story Font
ahs font
ahs font

American Horror Story Font

The font used in American Horror Story’s text and title logotype is a variant of ITC Willow (designed in 1990). In fact, they purchased the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Font license and tweaked it a bit. Although this font has been used in some film and television works, it is the first time it has been used in film and television works with the theme of “horror” in “American Horror Story”.

AHS font is an Art Deco font inspired by ITC Willow, which is a peculiar typeface with a Viennese Separatist style. The work of Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired this condensed sans-serif font with its rough edges and the choice of alternating and hyphenated characters. The Willow font refreshed the arts and crafts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Font Company has a Rennie Mackintosh (designed in 1993) based font called CRM American Horror launched in 2011, but it is not clear whether this font is the same font used by American Horror Story or a later one The designer imitated and deduced the font used in the Broadway play. One thing that is more clear is that the logotype of the episode name is not exactly the same as the font called CRM American Horror.

The opening sequence, year number, and cast & credits in the play are more like the use of Rennie Mackintosh (you may have noticed the difference between the letters “E”, “C”, “O”, and the font in the title logotype ). This also shows from the side that the logotype is specially designed.

The text-decoration in the logotype (for example, the dotted figure below the letter “O”) should be attributed to the choice of font design. From the information I found, this style of decoration design comes from the writing and drawing of Scottish designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Free typeface similar to AHS Font

American Horror Story Font from KELGE Fonts is a free typeface for personal use only, which is inspired by the AHS movie. American Horror Story Font comes with Regular and Promo styles, including 4 alternative stylistic sets, standard and discretionary ligatures. It is suitable for Halloween, horror, thriller, and horror-themed projects. It is also suitable for logos, quotes, clothing, comics, book covers, cards, posters, or anything that needs a horrible or scary look!

Free for personal use.
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