Jurassic Park Font

Jurassic Park Font

Jurassic Park Font

The Jurassic Park font is a bold and spooky display font with an ethnic style. The typeface was designed by Filmhimmel (Jens R. Ziehn). Its name and inspiration come from the lettering used in the famous dinosaur movie series. But friends who download and use this font should pay special attention to the font that is only free for personal use. Do not use it for commercial purposes at will! In order to avoid the problem of infringement.

Jurassic Park font is available for personal use only. If you need to find a similar font for commercial purposes, then we recommend the “African” font to you.

What is Jurassic Park?

“Jurassic Park” is considered one of the most famous classic films in the world, directed by Stephen Spielberg. The story talks about a working paleontologist who visited almost the entire amusement park. His task was to protect two children after the park’s cloned dinosaurs were released after a power outage.

The film describes the reproduction of different types of dinosaurs from genetic manipulation of fragments of prehistoric material preserved in a piece of amber. This initiative is being implemented by a scientific company called InGen, which is headed by businessman John Hammond, among which it is intended to create an amusement park.

Investors in the project decided to conduct a test of the facilities prior to the opening of the park. However, the sudden appearance of a tropical cyclone and the organization of sabotage by a park employee caused computer security systems to stop working and dinosaurs to start escaping from their facilities. The park team tries to restore order, but it is too late, they begin to flee the island.

Initially, the film received positive reviews from the trade press. Most approved the film’s use of innovative special effects for the cinematography prevalent at the time, although others were disappointed with the narrative adaptation of the story, described in the novel in which it was built. During its run, it has grossed over $914 million and included numerous video game adaptations, comics, and mechanical attractions at Universal Studios theme parks.

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