Teko Font

Teko Font

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Teko Font Overview

The Teko font is a highly refined and versatile typeface that has been expertly crafted for use in headlines and other forms of display-sized text on digital screens. This free condensed sans-serif font family was designed by Manushi Parikh for the Indian Type Foundry (ITF) and was published in 2014.

One of the most notable features of the Teko typeface is its extensive character set, which is quite rare for any script, let alone Indian typefaces. The font family comprises five different styles, including Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, and Light. The Regular, Medium, and Semibold styles are recommended for use in long headlines, while the Bold style is primarily intended for setting just one or two words. The Light style, on the other hand, is a visually stunning variant that can be put to excellent use in large headlines on websites.

The Teko typeface is characterized by its letterforms with low stroke contrast, square proportions, and a structure that appears visually simple. The font has been optimized for use at display sizes, and it works equally well on screens as it does in print. Each font contains 1090 glyphs, offering full support for the conjuncts and ligatures required by languages written with the Devanagari script.

In conclusion, the Teko typeface is an exceptional choice for use in advertising or for news tickers on television screens, and it’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a versatile, high-quality font that can be used in headlines, titles, and other forms of display text.

Teko Font Pairing

Utilizing a font such as Teko, which is specifically designed for headlines, in conjunction with a sans-serif font can create a visually cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design. Some popular font pairings when using Teko include:

Teko Font License

The Teko font is a typeface that has been granted a license under the Open Font License, which is a type of license that allows for the free use of the font in a variety of different contexts. This means that it can be utilized in a wide range of different products and projects, regardless of whether they are intended for commercial or non-commercial use.