Space Mono Font

Space Mono Font

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Introducing Space Mono: A Versatile Monospaced Typeface by Colophon Foundry

Space Mono Font is a remarkable monospaced type family created by Colophon Foundry, offering a blend of geometric shapes, grotesque details, and sci-fi influences. Designed for Google Design, this font is both free and open-source, making it accessible to a wide range of users since its release in 2016.

What sets Space Mono Font apart?

As a monospaced font, Space Mono ensures that each character occupies the same width, regardless of its shape or size. This quality makes it exceptionally well-suited for coding, tabular data, and text alignment. However, what distinguishes Space Mono from other monospaced fonts is its ability to exude a strong personality and aesthetic appeal through its distinctive features and design choices.

Inspired by headline typefaces from the 1960s, such as Microgramma and Eurostile, which were prominently used in science fiction films, television, and literature, Space Mono incorporates elements reminiscent of those futuristic designs. It adopts sharp corners, straight lines, and circular forms to create a font that is both dynamic and expressive while adding its own unique twists and variations.

Key characteristics of Space Mono Font

  • Low contrast between thick and thin strokes, results in a solid and sturdy appearance.
  • Large x-height, making lowercase letters relatively tall compared to uppercase, which enhances readability and legibility at smaller sizes.
  • Slightly condensed width, allowing more characters to fit in a line without sacrificing clarity.
  • Rounded terminals, softening the edges and adding warmth and friendliness to the font.
  • Diagonal cuts on select letters, such as A, M, N, V, and W, introduce intriguing angles and shapes.
  • Stylistic alternates for certain letters, like G, R, and Q, provide customization options and visual variety.
  • Old-style figures, featuring varying heights and alignments, resulting in a natural and organic look for numbers.
  • Superscript and subscript numerals, fractions, currency symbols, and directional arrows, offer valuable tools for mathematical and technical applications.
  • Support for a Latin Extended glyph set, encompassing English and other Western European languages.

The License of Space Mono Font

The license for the Space Mono font is the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This particular license grants users the freedom to utilize, examine, alter, and distribute the font software for various purposes, provided they adhere to the stipulations outlined in the license.

Space Mono Font Pairing

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How to effectively use Space Mono Font?

Space Mono Font is ideally suited for editorial applications in headline and display typography. It excels in titles, logos, posters, banners, flyers, magazines, books, and websites. Additionally, its versatility extends to coding, data visualization, and user interface design. With its retro-futuristic vibe, Space Mono Font harmonizes with a broad range of themes and genres, such as science fiction, technology, gaming, music, art, and fashion.

Space Mono font family consists of four styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. By combining these styles, you can introduce contrast and establish a hierarchy within your text. Additionally, you can experiment with stylistic alternates to alter the mood and tone of your message. For instance, utilizing the alternate G can imbue your design with a more geometric look, while the alternate Q can add a touch of quirkiness.

Space Mono Font complements other typefaces that share its geometric qualities or contrast with its monospaced nature. For instance, it pairs well with sans-serif fonts like Helvetica or Montserrat to create an appealing visual balance.

When working with Space Mono Font, it’s important to consider the intended application and audience. For coding and technical contexts, utilizing Space Mono Font can enhance readability and maintain consistent character alignment. Its clear, distinct letterforms ensure that code snippets and tabular data are easily comprehensible.

In editorial design, Space Mono Font offers an opportunity to evoke a nostalgic yet futuristic aesthetic. Pair it with serif fonts like Georgia or Baskerville for a visually striking contrast that adds sophistication to printed materials. In digital environments, consider combining Space Mono Font with a contemporary sans serif font such as Open Sans or Roboto to achieve a clean and modern look.

To make the most of Space Mono Font’s versatility, experiment with different sizes, leading, and letter spacing to achieve the desired visual impact. For titles and headings, increase the font size to highlight key elements, while maintaining a balance with the surrounding text.

In web design, ensure that Space Mono Font is implemented effectively for optimal performance. Use web font optimization techniques such as subsetting and compression to reduce file sizes and improve loading times. By including the font in your CSS file or using web font services like Google Fonts, you can ensure consistent rendering across various browsers and devices.

Remember to adhere to accessibility guidelines when using Space Mono Font. Ensure sufficient contrast between the text and background to guarantee readability for individuals with visual impairments. Testing your designs using accessibility tools or consulting WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) can help ensure inclusivity.


In conclusion, Space Mono Font by Colophon Foundry is an exceptional monospaced typeface that combines geometric shapes, sci-fi influences, and distinctive design elements. Its wide range of styles, versatility, and open-source availability make it a valuable choice for designers, developers, and content creators alike. Whether for coding, editorial design, or web applications, Space Mono Font offers a captivating and functional typographic solution with a touch of retro-futuristic charm.