Paralines Font

Paralines Font
Free for personal and commercial use.
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Paralines Font Free Download

Paralines Font, we are happy to introduce you to this super fun and classy modern font, that constructed with three strokes, and a retrofuturistic feel to it.

Paralines Font is a unique display font using a multi-line technique, created by Lewis Latham. A fun font that would inspire designers who love the geometry of the art-deco style.

This font combines both the vintage and modern into a single style. It comes with a single style. It contains all caps letters, numerals, and basic punctuations.

Paralines Multi-line Font

Paralines Font Glyphs
Paralines Font Numbers

With a font like this would be a perfect solution to create large display sizes, it will look amazing in logos, posters, decorative frames, wall art, packaging, headlines, advertising, and more. Also, you can use this font for any application that needs a bold and decorative look.

Paralines Font Letter a

Thanks to Lewis Latham! This font is completely free to use commercially & non commercially!


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