Ostrich Sans Font

Ostrich Sans Font

Ostrich Sans Font

Introducing the Ostrich Sans Font – a beautiful condensed sans serif typeface that has a long neck (hence the name ostrich), but instead of burying its head in the sand, it shows a lot of creativity and diversity.

Ostrich Sans is an all-caps font designed by Tyler Finck. This font provides users with a wealth of creative variations. In addition to the regular sans serif, font styles also have a variant with rounded endings and a version with double lines. With over a million downloads of this font, it is definitely one of the most popular solutions.

Choose styles like a dashed line, rounded, light, regular, bold (double line for a path style), black and inline (italic). Or combine these styles to get the perfect match. However, unlike the fill style, the Ostrich sans inline font feels less domineering, because most characters are open at the end, but they all compliment each other to create a colorful or transparent effect.

We don’t recommend using Ostrich Sans for long-running texts with this narrow style because it is very demanding for readers, therefore it can be used for typography highlighting. The font styles can also be reasonably used in the design of corporate identities, gastronomy brands, or lifestyle products.

The font consists of uppercase letters, numbers, and some additional characters. Anyone who has successfully tested Ostrich Sans but is not satisfied with the range should consider ‘Ostrich Proper‘ as a purchase option.

Ostrich Sans Font is published under the Open Font License and is free for personal and commercial use. We’re curious to know what you think of Ostrich Sans and hope you enjoy designing it!

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Free for personal and commercial use.

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