Neuropol X Font

Neuropol X Font

This version is Free for commercial use

About Neuropol X Font

Neuropol X Font is a display typeface family designed by Ray Larabie, one of the internet’s most prolific type designers. Active for over a decade, his free and commercial fonts can be found in creative businesses around the world. Neuropol X starts from one of his earlier works, Neuropol.

The spacing does not match the previous version as this is a complete rebuild. In most applications, the vertical indicator should be roughly the same as the previous version. The Neuropol X Font family looked like it could do with a more dynamic range, so heavy, semi-bold weights were added.

In order to create a more cohesive family, the x-height is now based on weight. The x-height in Light is shorter, the x-height in Heavy is higher, and the regular height is about the same as the previous version.

The “i” and “j” dots are now accented. This time Condensed is a little more condensed and Expanded is a little more expanded. Added more punctuation and math symbols. There is a Unicode fractional space that combines accents and OpenType fractions. It also contains the latest currency symbols. The language has been extended to support Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, and almost all Latin-based languages currently in use.

The full version can be found Here.