Orbitron Font

Orbitron Font

This version is Free for commercial use

Introducing the Stellar Orbitron Font!

Step into the future with Orbitron Font, a dazzling geometric sans-serif brainchild of the talented Matt McInerney, the graphic maestro and pioneering co-founder of The League of Moveable Type. Orbitron was born out of a visionary desire to present a fresh and invigorating alternative to the often-used Eurostile or Bank Gothic, especially in the realm of sci-fi and futuristic designs.

Orbitron doesn’t just stop at being unique; it offers a rich palette of 6 weights (Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, and Black). Dive into its stylistic alternatives, explore the elegance of its small caps, and get lost in a plethora of alternate glyphs. Its sleek, modern aesthetics, punctuated by sharp angles and fluid curves, exude a sense of dynamism and verve, making it perfect for headlines that demand attention, logos that need to make a statement, posters that pop, and signage that guides with style. And for those who crave the latest in font technology, rejoice! Orbitron was masterfully remastered as a variable font in 2019.

The inspiration behind Orbitron is nothing short of intriguing. Imagine a post-apocalyptic universe where Earth is but a memory, and only a handful of geometric typefaces have stood the test of time. Orbitron captures the essence of spaceship exteriors, the guiding signs of space stations, the dominant branding of mega-corporations, and even the aerodynamic flair of uniforms from a world beyond our own. It’s a font that tells a story of the future.

Orbitron Font License

The best part? Orbitron is generously available for free under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). This means you’re free to use it for both personal passion projects and grand commercial ventures.

Orbitron Font Pairing

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In Conclusion:

Orbitron is not just a font; it’s a statement. It’s for the bold designers who dare to envision a world beyond our own. With its geometric brilliance and razor-sharp edges, Orbitron ensures your designs aren’t just contemporary but are light years ahead. Embrace the future with Orbitron!

To contribute updates or file issues, see https://github.com/theleagueof/orbitron.