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Constitution Font: A Deep Dive into the Iconic ‘We The People’ Font

The US Constitution Font. This distinctive typeface is aptly named the ‘We The People Font’ by K-Type. It derives its style from the handwritten preamble of the Constitution, which eloquently commences with the famous words โ€œWe the Peopleโ€. As an embodiment of the spirit of the Constitution, this font can bring an air of elegance and authenticity to a wide array of projects, while also evoking a profound sense of historical nostalgia.

Offered as a complimentary download for personal use, the Constitution Font is accompanied by several alternate characters, decorative ornaments, and Roman numerals to augment its versatility. The font’s diverse features make it the perfect choice for historical, patriotic, or formal themes that necessitate a unique blend of sophistication and historical accuracy.

Understanding the History Behind the Font

The tale of the Constitution Font is intricately linked to the birth of the US Constitution in 1787. This monumental document was crafted by a delegation assembled in Philadelphia with the mission of formulating a new system of governance for the United States.

The responsibility of transcribing the Constitution onto parchment fell to Jacob Shallus, the Assistant Clerk for the Pennsylvania State Assembly. Armed with his quill and ink, Shallus accomplished this task over one weekend. He employed a handwriting style heavily influenced by German Text and Square Text exemplars drawn from the illustrious penmanship copy-books of George Bickham. Bickham’s most famous work, ‘The Universal Penman’, published in 1743, served as a primary reference for Shallus.

Interestingly, several scholars propose that the calligraphic headings of the Constitution, such as ‘We the People’ and ‘Article’, showcase a different style, likely because they were penned by Francis, Shallus’s 14-year-old trainee son. This conjecture is based on the difference in slant and structure observed in these sections compared to the main body of the document.

One striking characteristic is the distinctive flourish seen in the letters t, h, and l, which is absent in the remaining text. K-Type, in designing the Constitution Font, decided to incorporate this flourish into the letters b, f, and k, enhancing the font’s unique aesthetic appeal.

Another divergence from Bickham’s traditional style lies in the design of the letter W. In the Constitution, the W is simpler, more reflective of the Schwabacher style, as opposed to the elaborate capital W found in German and Square texts of Bickham’s manuals. However, understanding the need for variety, the Constitution Font also offers a Bickham-style W as an alternative.

We The People Font Free Download & License

The ‘We The People’ constitution font, an evocative typeface inspired by the U.S. Constitution, is available for complimentary download from our digital platform. However, this gratis offer is exclusively for personal use. Those desiring to use it for commercial applications must purchase a license here.

Comprehensive Font Features

The ‘We The People’ font is more than a typeface; it’s a comprehensive package that delivers a range of extra features, making it highly versatile and enjoyable for typographical creations. One of its unique features includes access to ornamental flourishes. These intricate designs give users an extended design palette, enabling more intricate, eye-catching compositions.

In addition to this, a round middle dot or decimal point can be accessed by using OpenType-aware applications, a feature often underutilized but that can significantly impact the readability and aesthetic of a text.

Perhaps most notably, the full phrase ‘We the People’ can be input via a trademark keystroke. For Mac users, this can be achieved with Shift Option 2, while Windows users can use Alt 0153. This feature is a key selling point, providing an effortless way to bring the spirit of the U.S. Constitution into your design work.

Ideal Applications

The ‘We The People’ font is perfectly suited for a wide range of design projects requiring a historical or patriotic ambiance. These can include but are not limited to posters, invitations, certificates, logos, and banners. Its distinctive character brings a timeless elegance to designs, seamlessly marrying a sense of history and patriotism with a modern aesthetic.

The font is also an excellent choice for formal or elegant designs that require a refined touch. Its unique aesthetic adds an air of sophistication to any project, elevating design work and providing a memorable and striking visual experience for viewers.

The font performs exceptionally well with darker backgrounds and contrasting colors, creating a visually appealing and impactful design. The contrast enhances the font’s unique characteristics, creating striking designs that command attention and leave a lasting impression.


In conclusion, the ‘We The People Font’ by K-Type offers more than just a tool for word processing. It is a homage to a significant historical artifact and the craftsmanship that went into its creation. The font’s stylistic elements echo a time of change and the birth of a nation, thus serving as a link between the past and the present. Its free availability for personal use provides an excellent opportunity for history buffs, designers, and patriots to imbue their projects with a touch of historical authenticity.

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