NBA Font

NBA Font

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What is the NBA Font Used in the Logo?

The NBA, or National Basketball Association, stands as the top-tier men’s professional basketball league globally, hosting 30 teams from the US and Canada. The NBA logo, showcasing a player dribbling a ball in silhouette, ranks among the most identifiable sports logos globally. But what font is used in the current NBA logo, and where you can access it for your projects?

The NBA Logo Font → Action Condensed

The NBA font used in the current logo, which was introduced in 2017, is called Action Condensed (Medium Grade 3). It was designed by Erik van Blokland for CommercialType. This custom typeface is a tweaked sans-serif style that gives off a modern, athletic vibe. The letters are a bit narrower, making them seem speedy and full of energy. Meanwhile, the sleek lines and geometric shapes show the precision and control needed for success on the basketball court.

NBA Logo Font

License & Free Alternative

If you’re interested in using Action Condensed for your projects, you can get it for free. Just keep in mind that this particular font version is meant for personal use only. If you require the complete version or plan to use it commercially, you’ll need to buy it from CommercialType.

If you are looking for a free alternative, you might want to try Morganite.


The NBA logo shows how fonts bring out a brand’s vibe. Picking the perfect font helps make a logo stick in people’s minds, stand out, and look awesome. You’ve got loads of choices out there, from the current NBA style to the older one or similar ones, all available online to match what you’re after and what works for your budget.