The Night Watch Font

The Night Watch Font

About The Night Watch Font

The Night Watch Font is a serif typeface beautifully designed by OBYS AGENCY. The font is inspired by one of the world’s most famous paintings, “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt van Rijn (1642), and the font is named after it.

The font includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, and does not contain lowercase letters. It is very suitable for titles, short texts, trademarks, and logos, and can be used in museums and art galleries.

The Night Watch Font

The Night Watch font will give your design a unique sense of luxury and help create a beautiful and powerful statement for any design project.

The Night Watch Font

Each “The Night Watch Font” character features a circular arc design, adding a beauty curve and retro ambiguity to the font.

The 9:10 aspect ratio makes the font more square visually, and also adds a sense of calm and serenity to the font visually.

The Night Watch Font
The Night Watch Font
The Night Watch Font

The contrast of the thickness of the strokes of the fonts is obvious, which makes the serif fonts with the retro atmosphere more charming, but the visual effect of the font will not be greatly changed due to the increase or decrease of the font size.

“The Night Watch Font” allows individuals or businesses to use it for free, including commercial use.

Free for personal and commercial use.
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