Kansas City Chiefs Font

Kansas City Chiefs Font

What is the Kansas City Chiefs Font Used?

The Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. They are one of the most successful teams in the National Football League (NFL). The team’s logo, wordmark, and jersey design are all part of their distinctive visual identity, which reflects their history, culture, and fanbase. But what fonts are used for these elements?

The Kansas City Chiefs Logo Font

Kansas City Chiefs Logo Font

The Kansas City Chiefs font used for the ‘Chiefs’ wordmark is custom-made, so it’s not a standard font that you can just download. However, there’s a font called ‘NFL Chiefs‘ that looks similar and is based on the logo. Keep in mind that it’s only available for personal use.

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The KC Chiefs Font Used for the ‘KC’ Logo

KC Chiefs Font

The ‘KC’ font used in the logo that appears on the team’s helmets and other elements is a unique font that was exclusively designed for the team and is not commercially accessible. Crafted by Lamar Hunt, the custom design originated from a sketch he created on a napkin during a flight to Kansas City. While finding an exact match may be challenging, you can explore the ‘Latin Modern Roman MRoman5-Bold,’ which exhibits a similar style and is freely available for commercial use.

The Kansas City Chiefs Jersey Font

Kansas City Chiefs Jersey Font

The Kansas City Chiefs Jersey font used for the player names and numbers is yet another unique custom design, not readily accessible. However, below are some alternative fonts that closely resemble the jersey’s letters and numbers, with only minor variations in certain shapes. It’s important to note that these fonts, while free, are intended for personal use only.


The Kansas City Chiefs’ visual identity is a testament to the importance of typography in sports branding. From the custom-designed ‘KC’ logo and ‘Chiefs’ wordmark to the standardized lettering on jerseys, each element contributes to the team’s distinctive and powerful image. While the specific fonts used for the ‘KC’ logo and ‘Chiefs’ wordmark remain proprietary, the jersey lettering aligns with the NFL’s standardized typographic system. Together, these typographic choices play a crucial role in shaping the Kansas City Chiefs’ iconic brand and enhancing the fan experience both on and off the field.