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Kung Font
Kung Font

Kung Font Introduction

Hello everybody! We are proud to present you Kung Font, a really nice new powerful brush style typeface made by Marcelo Reis Melo, exclusively for free items for designers. The Kung font is a handwritten font with a lot of personalities, it looks great for any type of project and adds a personal touch to everything you do. Hope you guys enjoy and do cool things with it.

Kungfont was inspired by the Chinese brush style. Has tough momentum and casual magnanimity. It comes with a single style and includes only uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and special characters.


In addition to Kung Font, you will also find Melo and Reis fonts there. The three fonts are based on handwriting but display different weights and different amounts of brutality and grime. Melo is a very neat and thin font. Capital letters are drawn like the finish line. In Font Reis, you can already see a crispness in applying lettering paint. The model for the design is a marker typeface that has very little color or a bristle brush with a straight tip.

The brush is also used in Kung Font but it bends more dynamically. The color is covered, but smudges at the end of the guideline. The letters are in italics, dancing lightly in the flowing brushstrokes on the baseline, in sharp contrast with the width of the thick lines. Because of the quick, sometimes slanting brush strokes, the writing takes on the dynamics of the Kung-Fu stroke sequence.

Font Usage

The typeface is ideal for headlines, concert posters, cinema trailers, horror themes, merchandising, and logotypes, on the other hand, are the dojos in which Kung Font feels comfortable.

Therefore, Kung Font is not a huge free font, but it is relentlessly at the heart of the matter. The font is not intended for use in creating body text for long posts in five font styles.

License use

Thanks to Marcelo Reis Melo! This font is free for both personal and commercial use. So please if you are using it commercially, feel free to support the author with a little donation of any value here.

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Free for personal and commercial use.

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