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Bernier Font

Introducing Bernier Font, this is a free display retro typeface, designed by Myanmar senior graphic designer Ryan Pyae. The font inspires the adventurous spirit and imperfect aesthetics, adding tension to the design. Bernier is one of our favorite retro fonts. It has slightly rounded corners. However, it does not appear to be round. Instead, one thinks that the hard corners have been softened over time. The font offers the designer three styles. In addition to the regular version, there is a shade version and a distressed version.

Bernier consists of uppercase letters only. However, there is another modification: the supposed lowercase letters of the font result in a “normal” version, while uppercase letters have extra thorns in the middle of the letter. It has the usual character set ready. The alphabet is supplemented with numbers, common punctuation marks, special characters, and the Cyrillic variant. When designing with Bernier, you have plenty of tools on hand to develop an exciting design.

It is no coincidence that the Bernier Font is used in images of the atmosphere of steakhouses, barbershops, and motorcycle clubs. This font not only attracts bearded loggers and bikers but also fits into the image of hipsters, and hiking adventurers. It is very suitable for other design projects such as vintage badges, old-school typography styles, logotypes, or any modern retro-style trend. You can use this font for free in your personal and commercial projects.

We don’t recommend using Bernier Font in running texts. Condensed sans-serif fonts such as DIN or Oswald are better suited for this.

Free for personal and commercial use.
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