Bakery Font

Bakery Font

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bakery font
bakery font
bakery font

The Beauty of Bakery Font: A Handwritten Brush-Lettered Script

Bakery Font, created by the skilled designers at StereoType, is a captivating and alluring piece of typography that showcases unparalleled artistry. With its exceptional calligraphic aesthetic and brush stroke design, Bakery is the epitome of sophistication and class.

Whether you are looking to enhance the visual appeal of a brand identity, create an eye-catching logo, or craft a bespoke invitation, Bakery Font is an ideal font choice that is sure to imbue your project with an air of elegance and refinement. Its unique features make it an exceptional font that stands out in the world of typography, making it a must-have for any designer’s toolkit.

The Design Features of the Bakery Font

Bakery Font is a handwriting brush-lettered script that has a slightly harsh ink style. The calligraphy texture lines in the design create a brush pattern that is both beautiful and functional. The font includes lower and uppercase basic Latin and a range of characters with numbers and punctuation marks.

Bakery Font Usages

Bakery Font is versatile and can be used in a variety of projects. From invitation and greeting cards to cafe menus and logotypes, the font can add a touch of sophistication to any project. It is also ideal for weddings, events, invitations, escort cards, table numbers, header menus, displays, logos, slider blogs, custom addresses, stamps, and packaging.

Free and Commercial Versions

The free version is for personal use, while the commercial version includes a complete set of glyphs, a wide range of ligatures, underlining styles, and swashes, allowing you to create your own unique style. The commercial version can be purchased at:


Bakery is a beautiful font that is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their design project. Whether you are designing invitations, menus, or logos, Bakery Font is sure to make your project stand out. So why not give it a try today?

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