Artypa Font

Artypa Font

This version is Free for commercial use

About Artypa Font

Artypa Font is a free eye-catching typeface by Philip Trautmann. On the one hand, the font is significantly reduced and replaced by various shapes and transverse bars of letters. On the other hand, the character of the letters is enhanced by an additional line. These secondary lines differ. Sometimes diagonals are emphasized as with “A”, “V”, “W”, “N” and “R”. Other times it is the horizontal lines of the “E” and “F”. To complete the pattern, there is also an emphasis on the vertical in the letters “Y” and “T”.

The corners of the font are rounded and are quite fine. Artypa Font can be compared with Scandinavian font styles, but the emphasis on shapes and lines makes the font more unique. The typesetting is limited to capital letters and a small amount of punctuation. This experimental typeface does not contain lowercase letters, symbols, special characters, or numbers.

This display decorative font is ideal for designing digital and analog projects. Use the font for your branding and the matching Instagram stories. The font would also inspire us in packaging or logo design.

Note of the author
For this project, I didn’t want to create a font that can be used for everything, It is certainly so. I wanted to create a statement. I think typography can be thought of as art and it works best in context as a whole picture. So does Artypa. The font family with three weights is free, but if you want to support me, please donate some money.