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Apex Legends Font
Apex Font
Apex Font
Apex Legends Font

Apex Legends Font

Apex Legends Font is a condensed font based on the Apex Legends logo. It was designed and developed by Felix’s Foundry. Available for personal use only. Suitable for game posters, gamers, and social media. You can download the font from the button below.

Apex Legends Font consists of only capital letters. However, the supposed lowercase letters of the font result in a “normal” version, while uppercase letters have stylistic alternative characters. In addition, it also has the usual character set ready. Numbers, common punctuation marks, and special characters. All are available in one style.

Author’s note
Apex Legends Font is based on the Apex Legends logo. It is not affiliated with EA or Respawn Entertainment.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a shooting game produced by EA with high-definition picture quality that meets the needs of multiplayer battle royale survival and chicken-eating combat. The whole game needs to have good mobility and operation capabilities, presenting wonderful gun battle scenes, and there are many tricks.

You can choose to use all kinds of weapons and equipment, and continuously improve your personal attack strength. A variety of heroes can complete the selection and release the main skill attack. Here you will become a legend. Apex Legends applies the classic battle royale game rules but adds a hero system. The background of the game is set 30 years later in “Titanfall 2”. Titans will not appear in the game, but it contains many elements and features of “Titans”.

The game is played in teams of 3 people, with a maximum of 60 players in each game (currently a double-row mode is added). Each player can choose one of the sixteen legendary characters to play the game. Each hero has its own unique skills and players can customize their appearance. After the airdrops land, the teams need to find weapons, ammunition, and other equipment. The teams fight with each other until the last surviving team wins.

The game has a unique resurrection system. If a teammate dies, the player can obtain the flag of the deceased teammate within the time limit (the 90s) and bring it to the respawn point to resurrect the teammate. At the same time, the game also has a more detailed marking function, and team voices can also be performed.

Apex Legends is free of charge. The game supports microtransactions. Players can use the in-game currency to purchase new legendary characters, character appearances, card appearances, Apex packages, and other limited-time purchases. These purchasable content can also be obtained through game versus rewards, and they will not affect the balance of the game.

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