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Aardvark Cafe Font

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About Aardvark Cafe Font

Aardvark Cafe Font was inspired by the famous Hard Rock Café logo. It’s a worldwide pop classic and seems to have been originally hand-lettered. In imagining the rest of the alphabet, I worked hard to run the little “wings” into all the caps and the swashy descenders on the h, m, and n to match the letter k.

Version 1.5 makes use of the stylistic alternates feature of Opentype, non-swashed characters are included as alternates now, and the character pack has been extended.

Non-profit, not-for-profit, charity use: You may use Aardvark Cafe without charge but only with the requirement that the non-profit organization sends Harold’s Fonts one example of the finished item and a receipt for a $99 product donation.

For profit, commercial use: You can easily arrange the licensing through Font Brothers, please contact stuart@fontbros.com

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