VCR OSD Mono Font

VCR OSD Mono Font

This version is Free for commercial use

Introducing VCR OSD Mono Font

Embrace the spirit of the 80s with the freely available VCR OSD Mono Font. A pixilated font inspired by the iconic on-screen displays (OSDs) of classic VCRs, this font captures the essence of a bygone era.

A pixelated masterpiece: Designed by Riciery Leal and based on the Pixel LCD-7 Font, VCR OSD Mono features monospaced characters rendered in a low-resolution, 8-bit style. This unique aesthetic evokes a sense of nostalgia for the golden age of analog technology, complete with a subtle glitchy charm.

Versatility for your creative projects: Whether you’re designing posters, website elements, or simply adding a touch of retro to your work, VCR OSD Mono is a versatile and effective choice. This simple yet impactful font is sure to transport your audience back to a time of iconic cassette tapes and fuzzy television screens.

Unleash your creativity freely: The best part? You can download and use VCR OSD Mono for free, both for personal and commercial projects. So, dust off your design hat and get ready to add some authentic 80s flair to your next creation!