Strawberry Milkshake Font

Strawberry Milkshake Font

Strawberry Milkshake Font Free Demo

Summer is approaching, so it’s time for some strawberry milkshake smoothies! The Strawberry Milkshake Font is a refreshing hand-drawn typeface by Reg Silva, which appears to have been drawn with a marker. It has a dynamic baseline that is a bit wobbly and a bit uneven but has great flavor and little crooked outlines. Therefore, the font will provide correct handwriting and a vibrant and casual atmosphere for your design projects. You can use it for children stuffs, school projects, DIY crafts, art, organic products, logos, brands, etc.

Thanks to Reg Silva for providing this demo font. It’s 100% free for both personal and commercial projects.
However, This is just a small part of the Strawberry Milkshake Font that contains only basic characters (capitals, lowercase, numbers, and few marks). Therefore, if you are interested in accessing more features, please check out the full version.

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Free for personal and commercial use.

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