Pecita Font

Pecita Font

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Pecita Font Description

Pecita Font is a partially smaller typeface that reflects the functions of type, “squiggle”. This writing style is also found in some people in everyday life. But at the same time, this font is clear and easy to read. It is encoded in Unicode with all the Latin glyphs used in European and Pan African languages, Greek, Cyrillic, Katakana, phonetic alphabet, mathematical operators, and many more symbols.

Pecita Font is a handwritten script by Philippe Cochy that is available in “OpenType” (.otf) format. It uses sophisticated typographic features, especially contextual variations, to produce a natural look. This font represents long and complex work for the author. As he went along, he looked for a way to improve the concept of connected writing and automate its realization.

Pecita Font consists of three types of connections:

-Letters with a downward loop connect under the baseline.
-Letters whose drawing ends at the x-height connect above baseline.
-Most letters connect at baseline.

The idea of this font is to reproduce the handwriting of a baby boomer Frenchman without making major compromises on the standards of readability, conformism, and aesthetics that usually prevail. The OpenType typesetting features that accomplish this goal are contextual variants and ligatures. When you write, you are not writing isolated letters one after another, but letter blocks: this is exactly what Pecita Font does!