Miama Nueva Font

Miama Nueva Font

Miama Nueva Font

Miama Nueva Font is the upgraded version of a typeface called «Miama» by Linus Romer.

Miama Nueva Font
Miama Nueva Font

The miama package provides LATEX support for the Miama Nueva typeface. The package and the typeface are distributed on CTAN under the terms of the LATEX Project Public License (LPPL) and the Open Font License (OFL), respectively.

Due to the limitation to 256 characters per font, greek letters like ‘Η’ are decomposed into two parts (accent and base glyph). Sometimes, this leads to bad horizontal positionings e.g. ‘Α’. Unfortunately, one cannot solve this problem by kerning these pairs, because this would lead to a troublesome spacing with the preceding glyph. I recommend using LATEX when writing greek.

This font is free (under terms of the OFL).

Free for personal and commercial use.
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