I Love Glitter Font

I Love Glitter Font
I Love Glitter Font
I Love Glitter Font
MF I Love Glitter Font

I Love Glitter Font Free Download

I Love Glitter Font is a cute and stunning handwritten type with connecting hearts that is great for creating endless combinations of personalized items. The font created by MistiFonts comes with loads of features and is very easy to use.

MF I Love Glitter is perfect for craft projects. Also, suitable for you to use in making t-shirt designs, quotes, product packaging, product designs, labels, branding projects, logos, wedding designs, social media posts, advertisements, watermarks, invitations, stationeries, etc.

How to use the MF I Love Glitter Font

Type * (asterisk) for the heart.

Type | (vertical bar) for the solid heart doodle.

Type _ (underscore) for the open heart doodle.

Type [ ] (brackets) for the swirls.

PDF Special Symbol & Letters Guide

This guide contains all the special characters in this font that you can copy and paste into your document.


Important Notes:
When you paste the glyphs into your document, it might show up as a rectangular box (sometimes blank, with a question mark, or with an X). Just select the boxes and change the font back to I Love Glitter.

Also, keep in mind that if you were to change a bunch of text to these alternates, and then later change the font to something else, the boxes will replace the alternates (since those same alternates would not exist in the other font).

This font is free for personal use and non-profit use.
For commercial interests, you must purchase a license >>HERE<<

You can also access a SVG version of the font >>HERE<<

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Free for personal use.

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