I Love Glitter Font

I Love Glitter Font

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I Love Glitter Font
I Love Glitter Font
MF I Love Glitter Font

About The I Love Glitter Font

I Love Glitter Font, also known as MF I Love Glitter is a whimsical and captivating handwritten typeface that exudes charm and personality. Created by the talented MistiFonts, this font boasts a unique design, featuring connecting hearts that add a playful, heartwarming touch to any project. Its versatility and ease of use make it an ideal choice for creating a wide range of personalized items, such as invitations, posters, and cards.

The font is loaded with features that allow you to customize your text and make it stand out. With its elegant and feminine style, I Love Glitter Font is the perfect choice for any project that needs a touch of sparkle and charm. Whether you’re a designer or a DIY enthusiast, this font is sure to bring a touch of magic to your work.

How to use the I Love Glitter Font

To use the I Love Glitter font, you will need to type specific keys on your keyboard. These keys include:

  • To type the heart, simply press the asterisk key ( * ) on your keyboard.
  • To create the solid heart doodle, press the vertical bar key ( | ) on your keyboard. (e.g. *john|anna*)
    I Love Glitter Font Example 1
  • The open-heart doodle can be created by typing the underscore key ( _ ) on your keyboard. (e.g. *i_love_you*)
    I Love Glitter Font Example 2
  • To create the swirls, press the bracket keys ( [ ] ) on your keyboard. (e.g. [hello])
    I Love Glitter Font Example 5

These symbols are perfect for creating a whimsical and playful look and can be used to add movement and interest to your designs.

In addition to these special characters, the I Love Glitter font also contains a variety of additional symbols and characters that can be used to create even more unique and interesting designs. You can view a PDF of all the special characters in the I Love Glitter Font by clicking the link provided below.

Important Notes: When inserting the glyphs into your document, it is possible that they may appear as a rectangular box with a question mark, blank, or an X. To resolve this issue, simply select the boxes and change the font back to “I Love Glitter.” It’s worth noting that if you have already applied these alternates to a significant amount of text and then switch to a different font, the alternates will be replaced by the aforementioned boxes as they do not exist in the other font.

How to get I love Glitter Font on Cricut?

To incorporate the I Love Glitter font into Cricut Design Space, it is necessary to first install the font onto your computer. In the event that you are unsure of how to properly install fonts onto your computer after downloading them, kindly refer to the accompanying instructions. Learn how to install a font on your computer. Once the font has been installed on your computer, it will automatically be accessible within the Design Space program. Learn how to add a font to Cricut Design Space.

I Love Glitter Font Usages Ideas

  • Craft a love letter to your sweetheart using a fancy schmancy cursive love font.
  • Invite your friends and family to your nuptials with a playful love font that’ll make them smile.
  • Show off your affection on a t-shirt with a bold and chunky love font that’ll catch everyone’s eye.
  • Surprise your husband with a homemade gift that’s written in this adorable handwritten font.
  • Add a touch of romance to your home with an elegant love font on a DIY Valentine’s Day decor piece.
  • Make your Instagram shots even more swoon-worthy with the I Love Glitter font in a photo editing app.
  • Give your parents a gift they’ll treasure forever and their wedding date on it.
  • Make a custom jewelry piece that’ll make your heart skip a beat with this dainty love font.
  • Carry your love for literature and love on your shoulder with a tote bag featuring your favorite love quote in a funky love font.

MF I Love Glitter Font License

The I Love Glitter font is available for free use for personal and non-profit purposes. However, if you plan to use it for commercial purposes, it is necessary to purchase a license through the website: https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/i-love-glitter/ref/779895/

Additionally, an SVG version of the font can also be accessed by following the provided link: