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Kingthings Wrote Font

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Kingthings Wrote Font is a casual script designed by Kingthings. This font has taken the longest time to make – there have been so many versions none of which I was happy with. Finally, I had to release it just to get it out of my hair – so here you go. It may not be the final version – and on the other hand, as things stand right now, if I never saw this font again it would be too soon – however, never say never…

After making Kingthings Hand – which was supposed to be informal and flowing – and turned out completely different – they do that, fonts, like wayward children; I wanted to make a font of my handwriting that I could use for notes – I tried once before and came up with Kingthings hand which was far too stiff – I had considerable problems getting this one to work – as ever the freer and flowing a font needs to be, the more formal work it takes to make it useable. I’m still learning.

Kingthings Wrote Font comes in a single style that includes over 100 glyphs.

Free for personal and commercial use.
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