Kalam Font

Kalam Font

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About Kalam Font

Kalam is a handwriting-style typeface supporting the Devanagari and Latin scripts. This is an open-source font family first released by the Indian Type Foundry in 2014.

Although Kalam Font lettering shapes are derived from handwriting, all fonts are optimized for on-screen text. In general, the writing style is a very personal design. Like many casual handwriting style fonts, it looks somewhat fresh and new when seen on-screen or printed on a page. Kalam letterforms have a steep slope from top right to bottom left. They resemble the letters used in everyday handwriting and look like they were written either with a fine pen or a ballpoint pen. In Devanagari letterforms, terminals with nodes are open, but some other counter shapes are closed. Features like this enhance the feeling that the text set in this font was typed very quickly and in a fast manner.

Kalam Font has three weights to choose from: Light, Regular and Bold. Each font contains 1,025 glyphs, including many unique Sanskrit conjunctions. These ensure full support for the main languages written in Sanskrit scripts. The character set of the Latin component is a basic western character set, which supports typesetting in English and other Western European languages. Lipi Raval and Jonny Pinhorn developed this family for the ITF; Raval designed the Sanskrit component, and she and Pinhorn worked together on Latin.