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This version is Free for commercial use

The HACKED Font: Dive into the World of Glitchy Text

Isn’t there an odd charm in making your text look like a scene straight out of a hacker movie? Like those moments when the protagonist is furiously typing away, and suddenly, the screen is filled with jumbled text, symbols, and an eerie green glow. For those who love that raw, unfiltered, ‘hacked’ vibe or even those who just wish to add a little fun and chaos to their digital conversations, there’s something exciting brewing – The HACKED Font.

What’s the Story Behind HACKED Font?

The brainchild of the talented David Libeau, a graphic designer and web developer hailing from the romantic landscapes of France, HACKED Font is more than just letters and symbols. Libeau embarked on this creative journey in 2015. Drawing inspiration from the depiction of hacking in various movies and TV series, he designed a font that seamlessly blends base characters with a flurry of random modifier characters. Be it accents, diacritics, or symbols, these elements, usually critical in various languages, are employed in HACKED Font to induce a sense of disarray and visual distortion. It’s art and chaos interwoven together.

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Unpacking the Goodies: Features of the HACKED Font

  1. Absolutely Free! Dive into the world of glitchy texts without worrying about a price tag. Whether you’re working on a personal blog or a commercial project, HACKED Font is yours to use.
  2. Universal Compatibility: Whether you’re a Mac enthusiast, a Windows lover, a die-hard Linux user, or someone constantly on Android or iOS devices, HACKED Font is ready to play nicely. Applications like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, and even web browsers welcome this quirky font with open arms.
  3. Flex Your Creativity: The extent of ‘hackedness’ lies in your hands. Whether you want a light glitch or complete mayhem, you control the dials. Mix, match, and play with various modifiers to forge a unique hacked text style of your own.
  4. It’s All Fun and Games: Imagine sending a ‘hacked’ message to your friend or designing a meme that confuses yet amuses. From logos to cryptic notes, the HACKED Font promises endless fun and a bucketload of creativity.

Usage Guidelines and Licensing

While the font is a marvel and free, it’s essential to play by the rules. The HACKED Font comes under the Creative commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. This means you can play, twist, turn, and mold the font as per your creative instincts, even for commercial uses. The only catch? A small shoutout. Whether it’s “https://watchdogsfont.com“, “https://hackedfont.com“, or just a simple mention of “David Libeau”, make sure it finds a spot in your credits, be it a YouTube video description or a website’s ‘About’ page.

And remember, while the font might remind some of the Watch Dogs game logo, it’s not an official font. It’s a tribute, an homage, and Watch Dogs remains the rightful property of Ubisoft.

To Wrap It Up

If there’s a bit of a hacker or a lover of chaos inside you, the HACKED Font is like a digital playground. Free to use, teeming with features, and ensuring that you stand out, it’s a font that celebrates quirkiness and creativity. So why not give it a spin and let your texts embrace the ‘hacked’ magic?

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