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About Chomsky Font

Introducing the Chomsky font, a blackletter font designed by Frederick Brennan in the New York Times letterhead style.

From the author

This typeface is not an exact copy of the New York Times masthead. On the contrary, its goal is to also be suitable for running text, so I used a larger stem size. The differences between some characters are as follows; the New York Times logo is on the top, and Chomsky is on the bottom…:

New York Times masthead

I was surprised, as far as I know, I was the first person to undertake this project. Many other well-known brands, such as CNN, Sega, Coca-Cola, and other brands have fonts that pay tribute to them; in fact, most of these fonts were made in the era before Unicode, and they no longer exist in terms of metadata. But the once prominent Macromedia Fontographer is branded; the CNN Copy cat font itself has a history of 20 years.

Perhaps it was the difficulty of creating extra letters in black fonts that scared away font authors. Perhaps it is a lack of understanding of the law in this area. Anyway, I believe I am the first.

If you want to know if it is legal for me to create this font, given that I created it from a scanned image, I assure you that it is legal. In the United States and most other countries/regions, the design of a letter is not protected by copyright, and only the software used to make it is copyrighted. (Eltra Corp and Ringer, 1978; Adobe Systems, Inc. v. Southern Software, Inc., 1998) This font does not use any copyrighted font software. I track every character in the scanned image and contain many Own character source material (all numbers except 5, most punctuation marks, pilcrow ¶, almost all characters after the Unicode code point U+00A1).

Although it is 100% legal to use this font to typeset your own documents or make graduation certificates, etc., using this font to make trademarks may be a gray area, especially when it contains the words “New York Times”. Of course, as a Lay, I can’t give you legal advice, so if you want to use this font in the masthead of your newspaper, especially if it contains these words, please consult a lawyer.


This font is released under the S.I.L. Open Font License, version 1.1. So you can use Chomsky Font free for personal or commercial projects.

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Free for personal and commercial use.

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