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Camar Font

Camar Font
Camar Font
Camar Font

About Camar Font

Introducing Camar Font – Camar vintage font is an Art Deco display typeface created by DonMarciano especially for a group of postcards that need a more modern feel and consistency. Now, the font creates a calm rhythm for reading.

From the era of modernization and expansion, everything seems possible. When simplicity means elegance, when form and behavior become the norm, we bring you the unique Camar Font!

OTF file format totaling 187 glyphs, which is a fully capitalized font without any variants including all numbers and punctuation marks. Some of the strokes in the font are displayed with triangles, which is very innovative, but the contrast with the thick strokes is a little obvious. If you don’t like it, you can subtract it up with Boolean operations.


Camar Font is a creative free typeface with thick strokes that you can use to design unique titles and headlines in various layouts. It has a vintage character design and has unique personalized designs that will make your designs stand out from the crowd. Suitable for various headings, especially in combination with flat and illustration works.

Free for personal use.
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