Berkshire Swash Font

Berkshire Swash Font

This version is Free for commercial use

About Berkshire Swash Font

Introducing, Berkshire Swash Font. An unusual bold script typestyle that gives you the extraordinary feel. It looks very good when combined with uppercase and lowercase letters.

Some of the lettering isn’t consistent, which is what this Berkshire Swash Font stands for.

If you want to choose a bold and distinctive font for your design, this is the font you are looking for! This font is ideal for quote.

Suitable for logos, website titles, T-shirts, brands, books, covers, Instagram stories and possibly youtube thumbnails.

Berkshire Swash looks great when combined with other sans-serif fonts if you’re using it for books or websites since it gives good readability for both short and long paragraphs.

Berkshire Swash Font has multi-language support with international characters, symbols, and punctuation included!

This font is licensed under the Open Font License, you can use it in your products & projects – print or digital, commercial or otherwise.

Designed by Astigmatic (AOETI) who also created Dynalight, Grand Hotel, and Luckiest Guy. To contribute to the project contact Brian J. Bonislawsky at: