Amarillo Font

Amarillo Font

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About Amarillo Font

Introducing the Amarillo font – an enchanting, lively, and playful script that is perfect for various design projects. The name “Amarillo” is derived from the Filipino word for “Marigold”, a flower that symbolizes warmth, happiness, and good fortune. The font is well-suited for a wide range of creative applications, including food packaging, menus, cosmetic labels, book covers, greeting cards, and invitations.

Amarillo font is a semi-connected script that features lithely upright curves, lending it an episodic impression that is reminiscent of its namesake flower. Its letterforms are carefully crafted with smooth brush strokes that bounce gently and sway along the baseline. The letters are also slightly inclined and vary in shape, making the font appear more organic and human-like, thereby evoking a warm and friendly feeling.

The font was designed by Francis John [Francis Studio], a well-known creator of various beautiful fonts, including Buttercup, Starfish, and Beauty and the Beast. If you are looking for more font options, we highly recommend checking out his other stunning creations.

Amarillo Font License

Amarillo is available for free for personal use. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the author first by emailing him at

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