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D DIN Font
D DIN Font
D DIN Font
D DIN Font

About D-DIN Font

DIN Font is a sans serif typeface that has been according to DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) since 1936. In particular, DIN 1451 has been applied as a type for use on signage, motorways, and railways in Germany and few other countries. It has also been used for vehicle identification plates for a long time, after which it was replaced in November 2000 by FE-Schrift, a typeface specifically designed to combat counterfeiting and optimize recognition and identification by electronic plate reading systems. The reason for this is that with the DIN typeface, it was easy to change the letters with the black tape, which the Red Army faction used, among other things.

DIN 1451 is easy to read and easy to reproduce. Both the medium and condensed versions are currently available. There used to be a wide Extended version, but it is no longer used, although it is still seen on some old German signage. The typeface gained popularity due to its spacious design and was later adopted by non-government agencies and businesses as well. The proprietary features of this typeface trace back to the “IV 44” font alphabet, established by the Prussian state railways in 1906, which was requested for the letters on the trains.

Since this typeface was originally intended for industrial use, the design is concise so that it is not technically difficult to apply. As it is easy to read, is not complicated, and has little embellishment, this font has become widely used for general purposes, such as applying to signboards and exhibitions. Several designs that partially modified and expanded the original design are being distributed digitally.

Type manufacturer Berthold developed medium DIN font and condensed DIN font for phototypesetting in 1981 under the direction of art director Günther Gerhard Lange. From the late 1980s onwards, it was used frequently by designers, even though it did not conform to the classic typographical rules.

D-DIN Font Includes

  • D-DIN Regular
  • D-DIN Italic
  • D-DIN Bold
  • D-DIN Condensed
  • D-DIN Condensed Bold
  • D-DIN Expanded
  • D-DIN Expanded Italic
  • D-DIN Expanded Bold

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