Abril Fatface Font

Abril Fatface Font

About Abril Fatface Font

Abril Fatface Regular and Abril Fatface Italic, two display styles great for large titles like magazines and websites. Abril Fatface font is a part of a large type family which includes 18 styles. It was designed by TypeTogether. The Abril font family consists of two worlds. The titling styles, based on a contemporary revamp of classic Didon models, have a strong presence on the page without overwhelming the reader with unfamiliar or overly captivating shapes. Abril Display grabs the reader’s attention by measuring tension in its curves, good color, and high contrast. It also features typographic extensions like motifs, borders, special dingbats, alternates, and numbers that provide a wide range of options for the designer’s needs.

Abril Fatface Font

To keep display styles consistent, Abril Text styles give the initial impression of having the same shapes but with less contrast. At first, they may seem practically identical, but it is these details that help make it easier to move from one font family to another and distinguish them from one another. Abril Text fonts were inspired by nineteenth-century slab serif and Roman Scottish typefaces, rather than the Didone style lineage used for Abril Display fonts. This tradition makes the text darker and less contrasting than the scene, which is perfect for every need.

April’s text has been redesigned to get the perfect color, sketch, and overall layout for comfortable and consistent reading in a more rigorous environment. The Font Family includes 10 text and 12 display styles, all included in the standard Tiger Joker set that supports over 50 languages, including those in Central and Northern Europe. Abril is a double use, so it has been used by some of the best websites and editors since its introduction.

Abril Fatface Font Usage

Abril has dual use in both print and digital environments. It was designed for extensive editorial use in newspapers, pocketbooks, annual reports, and magazines. Display styles have a strong presence and sense of modernity on the page, while Text Styles has been designed from the ground up to achieve adequate color, texture, and overall width for continuous and comfortable reading in both print and digital environments.

Abril Fatface Font

Abril Fatface Font is free for personal and commercial use. It can make a great pairing with “Open Sans“.

Free for personal and commercial use.
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